Concierge Services

Size and Fitting

The fitting of the compression sock and stocking to each person is one of the most important steps to ensure compression has the most beneficial impact for the wearer.

Make sure the compression sock and stocking you are considering has an accurate size chart, and allows you to take measurements of your legs and feet to match up to the right size.

If you do not use the proper size of compression, you will not fully benefit from all that compression offers. Contact us at any time if you have questions or issues with determining the best size compression sock and stocking that will work for you.

Personalized Assistance

As compression will only work to its fullest if the proper size sock and stocking is selected and the fit is precise, we have resources to help guide you through the process

We can assist you and answer your questions about:

  • Compression materials
  • Size and fitting
  • Sock and stocking care
  • The donning (i.e. putting on and taking off) of compression sock and stockings
  • Medical conditions that benefit from compression
  • Athletic use of compression
  • Compression style – casual wear, athletic wear, formal wear

We invite you to get in touch with us in whatever way you prefer:

Ask the Expert

We have the absolute experts in the field of compression socks and stockings who are available to answer your questions – starting with a leading medical professional in the field, Bert Boldt.

We invite you to peruse the questions and answers that have been discussed in the past, and to post your own question if you are seeking new information. Our expert, Bert himself, will answer within 48 business hours.

We look forward to a continuing discussion about compression socks and stockings!